360 guarding: Machine Safety Guards & Fencing


360 Guarding is an innovative safety guarding supplier offering complete solutions from engineering to installation.

We pride ourselves on our ability to design and implement guarding that adheres to all current and applicable safety standards and government regulations. Our knowledge of various manufacturing environments and safety codes are incorporated into each of our designs providing piece of mind that the end guarding solution meets the required safety standards and does not hinder the operator's ability to do their job.

360 Guarding machine guarding products are durable, easy to install, maintenance friendly with a professional esthetic. We offer a modular system of doors, panels and posts that we can customize to suit your needs


now distributing

  • Safety interlock Switches
  • Safety Controllers
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • And Much More




industries served


With a complete in house design staff, professional fabricators and skilled installation millwrights and electricians, 360 Guarding will ensure that all safety systems are installed to meet CSA regulations.




  • Workplace safety is everyone's responsibility. CSA Z432-04 states that a company must protect persons from the hazards arising from the use of mobile or stationary machinery.  Guarding your equipment will prevent injuries and accidents and enhance the safety of personnel. We encourage you to take advantage of our superior product and guarding expertise to make your workplace safe STARTING TODAY.