360 Guarding Ltd.

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Mississauga, Ontario L5S 1R8

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Free Consulting

We understand that on occasion your company may face unique and special challenges in providing a safe work environment. Our 360 Guarding consultant can come to your site and give you a preliminary overview of what your government requirements are and the options that are available.


A. Call our sales associates to discuss your guarding needs.(E-mail or fax a sketch of the area to be guarded)

B. Our in-house engineering can prepare working drawings based on your requirements.

C. Our sales associates will prepare a quote and contact you to review the details.

D. If everything is to your requirements simply fax back the signed drawing and a purchase order number

E. The order will then be scheduled for manufacturing, built and then shipped to your location

The system can then be professionally installed by our on staff millwrights.

Terms & Conditions

Rest assured, we provide our complete terms and conditions with every order to ensure you always know what to expect.